Using Science in Government

Two recent events highlighted the Seattle City Council’s efforts to focus on evidence-based programs and decisions.

Budgeting for Results

Three years ago the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation (PA 96-0958) that re-directed the state’s budget process to a mandated focus on outcomes, goals and performance. This new process is just over 2 years old and two annual budgets have been prepared and presented using outcomes, goals and performance metrics.  Budgeting for Results (BFR) changes the way the State of Illinois allocates more than $24 billion in annual spending from the general revenue fund.

Observations on Performance Measurement

Observations on Performance Measurement

At its base level, performance measurement is very simple: Set a standard and measure performance against that standard.  However, from this very basic concept the field expands to encompass a variety of intriguing aspects. In this and future blog posts, I hope to explore many facets of the field in ways that are both thought provoking and useful to practitioners – namely, general managers and those operating performance measurement systems.

Topics I aim to explore in upcoming blogs include:

The Power of Community Indicators

The Power of Community Indicators

Recently, a colleague asked for my help to ensure that her new project was using the right metrics to both improve its performance and demonstrate effectiveness for continued funding. She had thought carefully about internal data collection processes and could quantify both inputs and a series of service delivery measures, the metrics seemed incomplete. And they were.


The PPMRN blog is a space for practitioners, academics and students to share their experiences, research findings, and overall thoughts on public performance measurement and reporting. We’ve included a ‘Comment’ link on each post to allow for discussions on blog posts, and to in turn facilitate dialogue and learning.


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