Past Webinars

11/03/10 Webinar: Saving Costs by Unlocking Data: Leveraging the Data Analysis Tools You Already Own

There has been a quiet revolution in Data Warehouse technology, and it happened just beneath our feet. More importantly, the results of this dramatic shift in capabilities could mean millions more dollars to the bottom lines of state and local government. Data has always been important – but the cost of working with data just dropped dramatically.

3/24/10 Webinar: Performance Measurement and Public Health: National Public Health Performance Standards Program

Julia Joh Elligers, of the National Association of County and City Health Officials discusses performance measurement and public health, focusing on the National Public Health Performance Standards Program. This program is a collaborative effort to enhance the Nation’s public health systems that measures how well local jurisdictions meet optimal standards of service delivery.

7/15/2010 Webinar: Measuring for Engagement and Participation

The first installment of a three part series on Measuring for Engagement and Participation

1/13/10 Webinar: New Tools for the Analysis of Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

This webinar demonstrates how to use a set of analytical tools from market research, including key-driver analysis and importance-performance analysis, to extract more insight from citizen satisfaction surveys.

Specifically, these techniques reveal what specific services or aspects of a service matter most to citizens and suggest where to focus fine-tuning or performance improvement efforts. The tools are general and can be applied in various public service or program areas, including municipal services, transportation, health services, education, human services, and other areas.


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