Past Webinars

PPMRN Webinar: Beyond Transparency – Using Dashboards for Business Decisions

In times of financial difficulty, performance measurement tools can provide valuable information that can be used to head off a worsening crisis. One such example exists in the state of Washington.  The Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) implemented a dashboard system six years ago and Stevan Gorcester, Director of the TIB, credits that system with providing him with warning signs and data three months before other trends began to show that a true fiscal crisis was on the horizon for his agency.

311/CRM Webinar: PTI's Citizen-Engaged Community Designation: Promoting Excellence in Government

Local governments are invited to apply for designation by PTI as a Citizen-Engaged Community for achieving high standards in the use of technology to promote citizen participation, seamless service delivery and democratic accountability. Governments that receive designation must complete an application process that addresses citizen participation processes, integrated communication channels, integrated technologies, and performance reporting.

311/CRM Webinar: The Evolution of One City's Online Request System

Customer service is a core value for the city of Saco, Maine. As part of their commitment to providing excellent customer service, local government leaders decided they want their citizens "online, not in line." The ensuing evolution of the Saco information center and online request system shows how communities of under 50,000 population can apply the principles of a centralized customer service system to improve customer service, performance measurement, and budgeting.

Date: December 1, 2009

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m EST


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