Past Webinars

311/CRM Webinar: Choosing the Right Technology, Part 1

Find out what types of technology, as well as implementation strategies, are needed to launch a local government contact center. Join us for an overview of the hardware, software, and integration components that were successfully deployed in the Winston-Salem "City Link" contact center.

Moderator: Dennis Newman, Chief Information Officer, City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Host: Susan Cable, Public Technology Institute (PTI)

311/CRM Webinar: 311 and Citizen Engagement Strategies

311 is an easy way for citizens to connect with their local government, but 311 can also be an important tool for local governments to engage their citizens. Learn about how two communities (Kansas City, Missouri and Chattanooga, Tennessee) have done just that.

Moderator: Earnest Rouse, Assistant to the City Manager, Kansas City 311 Action Center

Host: David Eichenthal, Executive Director, The Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies

6/10/09 Webinar: Staff Training

This discussion centers on how to keep agents current on local government developments.

Moderator: Kristen Howlett
Host: Cory Flemming, ICMA


5/27/09 Webinar: The Devil Is In the Detail: Integrating Existing Work Order Systems

Service departments often have existing work order systems. When a new CRM or call center arrives on the scene integrating it with those work order systems is key to the success of the new program.

This discussion will focus on how the City of Corpus Christi, Texas, tackled this issue.

Moderator: Annie Leal, City of Corpus Christi, TX
Host: Susan Cable, PTI


311/CRM Webinar: The Game Plan: Building an Inter-Department Team for 311

The Game Plan: Building an Inter-Department Team for 311

A 311/CRM system can only be as good as the services provided by local government partner departments. This discussion will focus on how the Denver 311 Customer Care Operation has reached out to work with partner departments and helped them see the benefits of 311.

Moderator: Mike Major, Director, 311 Operations, City and County of Denver, CO

Host: Michele Collins, PPMRN – Rutgers University-Newark

Date: June 23, 2009


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