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311/CRM Webinar: Service Level Agreements and Data Reports

Service Level Agreements and Data Reports

Service level agreements (SLAs) provide 311/CRM systems with an estimate of how long it will take to fulfill a service request. Tracking the percentage of service requests completed in the SLA timeframe provides one important performance measurement for many communities. Other 311/CRM data can help a community think strategically about how to improve performance. During this discussion, we’ll learn how the city of Hampton, Virginia, established SLAs and what type of data reports they use.

311/CRM Webinar: 311 on a Budget and Short Timeframe: It Can Be Done

311 on a Budget and Short Timeframe: It Can Be Done

The cost factor is one challenge that communities frequently cite as a deterrent to implementing 311/CRM service. But when leaders in the City of Philadelphia took on the challenge, they put together a system in 9 months that was very cost affordable. This discussion centers on how they did it.


Patrick Morgan, City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jeff Friedman, City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4/7/09 Webinar: Regional 311: An Option for Rural Communities?

Many large cities in the U.S. have 311 service, but it's rare for smaller communities. This discussion centers on the possibility of using a shared services model to create a regional 311 service.

Moderators: Terri Morrin, 311 Network, Greg Whitnell, ActiveGovernment
Host: Michele Collins, Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network, Rutgers University-Newark

4-07-09_311Webinar_Regional 311-OptionForSmallerCommunities.wmv

311/CRM Webinar: 311/CRM Knowledgebase Creation and Management

311/CRM Knowledgebase Creation and Management

Developing a robust knowledgebase is central to the daily operations of a CRM system. This discussion focused on how the City of Lynwood, California, went about building their knowledgebase as well as demonstrated some new tools for capturing information and reaching out to the community.

This presentation was held online on March 19, 2009, and was moderated by Gabriela Dow of GovPartner and Deborah Jackson of the City of Lynwood, California.

3/3/09 Webinar: Building a Business Case for 311/CRM

When budgets are tight and every expense is being scrutinized, how do you justify implementing a 311 or CRM system? During this discussion, we'll explore conducting a cost-benefit analysis and calculating return on investment why just an investment may be exactly what's needed in lean times.

Moderators: Shayne Kavanagh and Spencer Stern, Government Finance Officers Association
Host: Cory Fleming, ICMA



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